Frese OPTIMA Compact


  • The presetting function has no impact on the stroke; Full stroke modulation at all times, regardless the preset flow.
  • The constant differential pressure across the modulating control component guarantees 100% authority.
  • Automatic balancing eliminates overflows, regardless of fluctuating pressure conditions in the system.
  • Electro mechanical actuator 0-10 V and 3 point control.
  • Differential pressure operating range up to 600 kPa
  • High flows with minimal required differential pressure due to advanced design of the valve
  • Small dimensions due to compact housing
  • Higher presetting precision due to stepless analogue scale


1-1-4 EN Frese OPTIMA Compact DN50-DN150 AUG 15.pdf
1-1-5 EN Frese OPTIMA Compact actuators DN40-150 MAY 14.pdf
91718 OPTIMA Compact DN50-DN150 Rev6 DEC 14.pdf
91726 OPTIMA Compact actuator DN40-DN150 rev4 OKT 14.pdf
EN Infonote Frese OPTIMA Compact DN50-150.pdf