The Frese ALPHA Valves are particularly designed and manufactured for the automatic balancing of heating and cooling circuits.

The Frese ALPHA Cartridges - the second generation cartridges - are an integral part of the Frese ALPHA Valves limiting the flow at the specified level even under fluctuating pressure conditions.

The patented design of these cartridges introduces a replaceable orifice plate for higher flexibility and a resistant diaphragm for higher accuracy. From small size threaded valves (DN15) to big flanged type valves (DN800), from small heating units to district cooling applications, Frese ALPHA Valves guarantee the hydraulic balance of the system regardless pressure fluctuations.


Wide product range covering all applications:

  1. sizes from DN15 to DN800
  2. different end connections (female/female, union connections, flanges)
  3. dezincification resistant brass, ductile iron. 
  4. P/T plugs, drain, combi-drain.
  5. Kit solution with strainer and ball-valves, solution with integral ball-valve.
  • Modifications & extensions of the system do not affect the hydraulic balance in the other parts of the system. 
  • Tamper resistant cartridge independent of flow regulation errors during commissioning and operation of the system.
  • Self-cleaning cartridge not allowing dirt to comprosmise the accuracy of the valve.
  • Resistant diaphragm between the moving parts of the cartridge eliminates friction, noise and impact from water hummer.

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