Frese ALPHA cartridges



The Frese ALPHA Cartridges are particularly designed and manufactured for the automatic balancing of heating and cooling circuits. They are integral part of the Frese Dynamic Balancing Valves keeping the flow constant at the specified level even under fluctuating pressure conditions.

From small size valves (DN15) to big wafer types (DN800), from small heating units to sea-water district cooling applications, there is a Frese ALPHA Cartridge that can guarantee the specified flow. The advanced patented design of the Frese ALPHA Cartridges introduces the orifice plate concept for higher performance and flexibility. With the Frese ALPHA Cartridges it is no longer needed to change the cartridge every time the design flow is modified. Each cartridge contains an orifice plate specific for every flow that can be easily removed and replaced by another one.


  • Removable cartridge solution simplifies flushing procedure 
  • No minimum straight pipe lengths required before or after the valve.
  • Built-in optional P/T plugs for needle system. 
  • Minimized friction and noise due to the patented cartridge design based on the metal-rubber diaphragm-metal contact.

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